Apr 15, 2014

Dropbox pickup, New Deal by email and more

Some major features have been added last month following our customer requests. We are excited to describe the new benefits that have been put in place recently:
  1. the Dropbox integration is now fully running.
  2. you can now open a new Deal just by sending an e-mail with an hashtag to InPrivate.
  3. the Task Report, for easily tracking, who's in charge of what and what tasks has been completed on time.
  4. New enhanced permissions for viewing the documents related to each Deal.
  5. Tha contact detail page now shows a list of "Related Deals" and "Related Contacts" for each contact
  6. You can now add an Activity to a Deal from the Calendar

Don't wait, Create a Company Account, your first user is Free Forever. 

You'll be able to add more users whenever you want according to our Pricing page.

What is InPrivate?

InPrivate is the Cloud Software dedicated to Private Equity Firms and Venture Capitals, but easily used by Business AdvisorsLegal Firms and other companies for keeping track of their Deal Flow and their Fund Raising processes. Custom modules are also available for Investor Accounts Reporting, HR Assessment, and more. See www.inprivate.info for details or read our features flyer.

What about Services? We'll give you all the support and the advice you need for starting up with InPrivate and we encourage you to ask for new features.

InPrivate will help you optimize for efficiency, save time, reduce stress and increase customer satisfaction. Do you know any reason to wait more? 
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