Apr 29, 2011

How do you communicate with your Investors?

If you are running a medium-sized Private Equity firm you know what I mean: sending emails and faxes to all of your Investors contacts or to a filtered subset of them  is an easy task or is a complex and time-consuming process?

Probably most of you will admit it is an annoying activity, despite what the "do-it-yourself" technology offers. MS Office, mail merge, mailing lists and similar are great tools but to be sure you're sending the right attachment to the right Investor (a draw down letter? A quarterly report?) you'll ask your secretary to check carefully every email and probably you want to check everything by yourself once again before allowing the sending.

How to get everything easier? With a software like eMailer, the automatic mailing list builder that I recently designed and realized for a PE firm, integrated with the CRM and the fund administration software:

  • the users can filter the contacts with different criteria
  • the users can define an email template with common attributes 
  • the system will import fax and email addresses from the CRM, will import the right documents for each Investor from the document management system and will create each email as defined in the template
  • the users can't send until the list will be approved by a supervisor

The process of creation, approval, sending and archiving the emails is now strictly guided and error-free.


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